Santa Barbara

Our HourGlass® Back Support System provides zones of support for the different regions of your spine. The organic cotton fabric gives you a luxurious and natural feel for a comfortable night's sleep.


In addition to the HourGlass® Back Support System, the CoolMax fabric absorbs moisture and emits it quickly, allowing for a dry and clean sleeping experience.

Torrance Plush

The open spring design provides improved support where body weight is centered and has a soft feel when lying down.

Torrance Pillow Top

As an upgraded model of Torrance Plush, the pillow top model provides balanced support from head to toe and gives you the uninterrupted sleep you need.


Our Pasadena model has a simple design with Therapedic® logo on the fabric. It is a popular model that provides comfort and support, thanks to the HourGlass® Back Support System and at a reasonable price.

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