Coil-In-Coil System provides the ultimate comfort by relieving pressure on the lower back and hips.


Individually pocketed coils support the body firmly and keep the back aligned.


Rhapsody (30cm)

A gel memory foam mattress with luxury knitted fabric. The high-density foam gives you the ultimate comfort while the HourGlass technology supports proper back alignment.

Lullaby (25cm)

A memory foam mattress with luxury knitted fabric provides plenty of support and comfort for the entire body.



It has an affordable EuroTop design with Therapedic’s HourGlass support technology.


With the high elastic foam materials and HourGlass technology, it offers the best comfort by conforming to the individual’s unique shape.


It is the most popular EuroTop design in the Innergy2 line. There’s extra cushioning and support with the HourGlass technology.

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