Heavy-Duty Mattress

TheraLuxe® HD

TheraLuxe HD - Heavy-Duty Mattress

Your Rx for Heavy-Duty Support

Key Benefits

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Strength & Durability

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Plus Size Friendly

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Adjustable Base Friendly

TheraLuxe HD - Heavy-Duty Mattress

See What's Inside the Mattress

Superior High Density Foam

Exceptional resilience and breathable pressure relief

HyPURGel Plush Foam

Optimal temperature control and invigorating supportive comfort

Natural Latex

An all-natural layer that provides superior sleeping comfort with supple support and gentle responsiveness adjusting to changes in sleeping positions quickly and quietly

High Density Foam

Durable cushioning and contouring comfort

Quantum Encased Coil + TheraEdge

Enhanced edge-to-edge support, reducing the feeling of roll-off while minimizing movement transfer across the mattress

Base Foam

Adds durability you can count on year after year

*(elements may vary depending on specific model)

TheraLuxe HD - Heavy-Duty Mattress Layers

See What's Inside the Mattress

Superior High Density FoamHyPURGel Plush FoamNatural LatexHigh Density FoamQuantum Encased Coil + TheraEdge>Base Foam

*(elements may vary depending on specific model)

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