Hybrid Mattress

Therawrap® 2

Double the Comfort, Wrapped Coil Technology

Key Benefits

Two-Sided Flippable

Strength & Durability

Adjustable Base Friendly

Reduce Motion Transfer

Pressure Relief

See What's Inside the Mattress

Gel Performance Foam

A cool, contouring layer that allows heat to dissipate

High Performance Foam

Provides increased comfort

HyPURGel Plush Foam

Optimal temperature control and invigorating supportive comfort

Natural Latex

An all-natural layer that provides superior sleeping comfort with supple support and gentle responsiveness adjusting to changes in sleeping positions quickly and quietly

5-Zone Contour Foam

Provides comfort, support and reduces pressure points in the targeted areas where you need it most

Foam-Encased Wrapped Coils

Individually encased coils flex and respond to the contours of the body, offer ample support, and minimize motion transfer quietly

*(elements may vary depending on specific model)

See What's Inside the Mattress

*(elements may vary depending on specific model)

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