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Newsflash! Sleeping on a Copper Mattress May Help You Stay Healthy

Finding ways to stay healthy is top of mind these days. We are determined to pack a lot into our days. Life is too busy –and exciting– to get slowed down by fatigue or illness. We know that getting a good night’s sleep is the key. And perhaps up the ante by choosing a BWB (bed with benefits) and considering a copper infused mattress.

Why copper? Copper is an essential trace mineral necessary for survival. Found in all our body’s tissues, it helps to make red blood cells, form collagen and connective tissues, increase the absorption of iron, and maintain our immune system and nerve health. Since these proven homeopathic benefits can positively support our health and well-being, it makes sense to include the mineral in the ultimate self-care activity: a restorative night’s sleep.

Why make a copper mattress your BWB?

Keep it clean: Copper ions have natural antibacterial properties which can not only extend the life of your mattress but may also help reduce the potential for stains and mold. The copper may also prevent these nasty little pathogens and bacteria, such as e-coli and fungi from impacting your health adversely while you sleep.

Youthful vitality: Copper plays an important role in maintaining collage and elastin, and combined with its likely antioxidant properties, may help prevent skin aging. In fact, without enough copper, your body might struggle to replace connective tissues or collagen, which could then impact the frequency and severity of those morning aches and pains. We know that our bodies use sleep as a time to renew, so why not give ourselves a little edge with a copper mattress?

Stay Cool: Copper infused gel memory foam provides superior air flow and allows for natural temperature regulation by allowing heat to escape through convection and producing a cooling effect. Since we know that sleeping cool (at about 67 degrees) makes for a better rest, a copper mattress can help keep you cool from the bottom up, and hot temps and the night sweats away.

Fight the good fight: Since copper is so closely linked to helping with the formation of connective tissues, sleeping on copper may help reduce inflammation. Additionally, this mineral has been shown to help boost the immune system and increase circulation. New studies are also showing that copper may play an important role in regulating sleep patterns and our ability to get that deep slumber we crave.

How do they put copper in a mattress?

Copper mattresses, like the Immunity Collection, consist of copper woven into the fabric cover and infused into the mattress foam. Immunity is unique in that it contains a minimum of 30% of patented copper yarn–higher than other copper-infused mattresses on the market. Research shows that copper, at that high content level, is effective through multiple layers of bedding to provide wellness benefits to the sleeper.

How much copper should be in my mattress?

Why do we put such a large percentage of copper content in our mattresses? According to NatuVerex, 30% copper content is the “sweet spot” needed to positively influence the health of the sleeper. Immunity is the only mattress on the market with that high copper content woven into the fabric, which is the sleep surface of the bed, in addition to infused into the memory foam.

If you want to sleep well and live well, consider adding a copper BWB to your life and reap the benefits of a restorative, healthy and great night’s rest. Watch the video.