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Rest Cool During Summer Nights

As our days grow longer and hotter, unfortunately, so can our nights, making it hard to sleep comfortably. An environment conducive to sleep requires three things -- darkness, quiet and a cool temperature.

A cool body is essential to good sleep. Our circadian rhythms, i.e. our body’s clock, stays in sync with day and night activities by the rise and fall of our body temperature. To move towards sleep, our body temperature must begin to fall and continue dropping as we enter deep sleep.

While keeping your bedroom at the ideal setting of 60 to 70 degrees is recommended for optimal rest, during hot months, you may struggle to sleep due to an overheated body. Luckily these days, sleep technology has given us ways to achieve cool sleep that helps us fall asleep faster and stay asleep for more restorative benefits.

Reactex™ is one the latest sleep technologies that provides constant cooling because it is integrated into both the fabric and fill of pillows and mattress pads. Reactex™ is featured in the Therapedic Polar Nights Collection of pillows, neck rolls, mattress pads and toppers made of memory foam that are 25 times cooler than standard bedding.

How it works. The next generations climate control technology, Reactex. Heat is pulled away & maintains cooling comfort all night while standard sleep products do not. Patent Pending

The Reactex™ technology works like a central air cooling system in your home. Reactex™ harmonizes molecules to move your body heat into storage away from you, deep within your pillow or bed topper. In as little as eight seconds from the time your head hits the pillow, Reactex™ begins to pull heat away.

This cleverly engineered cooling process lasts all night. Consequently, you will wake refreshed and recharged for the day ahead. Speaking of “recharged,” this self-sufficient Reactex™ technology recharges itself. Once you are out of bed, Reactex™ begins to release the stored heat energy. By the time you are ready to sleep again, the technology is prepared to keep you cool.

Check out Therapedic’s Polar Nights Collection featuring Reactex™. Not only will you find cooler sleep, you will be more comfortable with the body contouring foam that offers the best spinal alignment and support.