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Wake Things Up So You Can Go, Go!

Even when we do get a good night’s sleep, most of us still don’t wake ready to jump out of bed. For many, a good night’s sleep is probably just that – one good night’s sleep among many not-so-good nights – so waking up probably requires a little encouragement.

Try some new methods to speed up the waking process – and even try mixing a few of them up throughout the week:

Put on the Pressure

We have pressure points on our hands that can stimulate the mind and body. The spot between the thumb and index finger is one in particular that helps increase alertness in a zen-ful way, people say. Stretch out your hand and gently squeeze and hold that fleshy area with your opposite thumb and index finger. Count to ten and release; repeat a couple of times as you like.

Hang Over

Not hangover, but hang over your bed. This doesn’t require you to get out of bed before you’re ready. Just hang your head over the side of your bed until you feel a little energized by the blood rushing to your head. Perhaps a little extreme, but it totally works and is believed to have health benefits when done properly. If you have any medical conditions that make this too risky, please don’t attempt it. Instead, try this next tip.

Scents Awaken Senses

Try one of these essential oils to wake up your senses: peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus. Keep a little bottle on your bedside table – maybe a couple of them for some variety – and take a sniff in the morning to feel energized quickly and naturally. Some people like to diffuse the oils in the room as they’re getting up and ready for the day.

Do What Mom Said: Make Your Bed

Mom always seems to know best. If you’ve managed to actually get out of bed, though still quite groggy, start making your bed. The physical activity will help get the blood flowing. In some cases, you might have to turn on the lights to see what you’re doing, and that will help too. And the big bonus is once you’re done, you’ve already got one task checked off your list.

Waking Up Can Be Puzzling

Where making your bed gets you going physically, solving a puzzle jump starts brain activity. We aren’t suggesting you try to solve an entire New York Times crossword puzzle, but tackling a word or two will be sufficient to stimulate your brain and get you alert to take on something less challenging, like brushing your teeth.

Shake and Wake

They may sound silly or gimmicky to some, but an alarm clock pillow that vibrates and makes sounds to wake you up does work for some people. There are a number of “smart” pillows on the market that track your sleep cycle and use light, vibration and sound to awaken you over a period of time to ease you through the waking process.

Go Outside

This is so simple, it actually works beautifully. You don’t have to be someone who goes for a run or hits the gym first thing. Just stepping outdoors and letting the fresh air hit your skin and take in a few deep breaths of cool air can do wonders.