08 Feb Cut through the Bull: 5 Reasons to Research Before Buying a Mattress

Believe it or not, many people are buying a new mattress without ever having tried it out.

But not as many would think about buying a new car without test driving it — or a TV without experiencing the picture and sound quality.

Given that we spend more time in bed than we do in a car or watching TV, it would make sense to research — and ideally, try out — a mattress before buying.

Online mattress companies make it easy, convenient and risk-free to buy your mattress with a click of a button, while visiting a store allows you to touch and feel the mattress, ask questions and compare products in ways that can’t be done online alone.

Here are five solid reasons to visit a reputable store as part of your research before you buy so you can feel good about your investment:

1.Buying a mattress is too important to make an uninformed decision.

A 2016 consumer survey revealed people keep their mattress about 10 years. There are plenty of people who’ve had their mattress longer than that. If you are one of those people, you might be surprised to find out that there have been many advancements in mattress design and manufacturing that make them a specialized product with far more engineering and technology in the materials and components than when you last bought a mattress. With so many new features and options, manufacturers offer product education and training to retail sales associates so they can help their customers select the best sleep system, which takes us to the next reason to visit a store.

2. The mattress salesperson is trained to share information and serve you.

Even with so much information available on the internet, the average consumer doesn’t know as much about mattresses as he or she thinks. In fact, all that information access creates more confusion. A trained salesperson will know what questions to ask to narrow down the vast options and guide you to the best one for you. We get it — no one likes a pushy salesperson, but the questions they’re asking are designed to match your needs and preferences with the right features and benefits of the mattresses available. The salesperson has product knowledge and wants a happy customer. If you can tap into the salesperson’s desire to share that knowledge and serve you, you’ll feel better about the investment you’re making in your new mattress.

3. Soft, medium, firm and plush don’t mean the same thing to everyone and every mattress manufacturer.

Chances are you’ve done some research on at least two to three (maybe more) mattress brands and read descriptions. And chances are you know what kind of feel or firmness you like in your mattress. But how do you know that what you describe as medium is what the company defines as medium? For example, Starbucks thinks the “perfect” temperature for my latte is 160 degrees Fahrenheit, but I think that’s not hot enough and my significant other thinks it’s too hot. An in-store experience can give you a real feel for what’s right for you, regardless of where or how you purchase your mattress.

4. A mattress is more than something you sleep on.

Think about all the ways you use your bed. Do you sit on the edge or corner to put on your shoes? The edge support will vary from bed to bed. Do you like to sit up in your bed to read, watch TV or do work? Do you use it as a laundry folding surface and like it a certain height? Consider your lifestyle and how you interact with your bed as part of your research and buying decision.

5. Understand the risk-free trial offer.

Many online mattress sellers – and some brick-and-mortar stores – offer a free trial period with the new mattress. If you don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund or exchange. Ask about the details of how that really works. Will you have to arrange to send the mattress back? Some companies allow you to donate the mattress to a charitable organization where other less fortunate individuals can take advantage of the mattress.

Get more helpful tips on choosing a mattress from the Better Sleep Council.

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