28 Jan Get Your Food Game On with Our Best Super Bowl Party Recipes

American football fans wait all year for the Super Bowl. The showdown of the two best teams in the National Football League is a great excuse to have a party and chow down on some favorite party foods with family and friends.

For your game-watching and munching pleasure, we have some recipes perfect for pre-game smack talk and four quarters of yelling at the officials. Are you ready for some football food?


Kickoff time is 6:30 p.m. ET, and even if you’re on the West coast, there’s plenty of time to pull off one of these two slow cooker recipes.

Awesome Slow Cooker Buffalo Wings takes 4.5 hours of cooking time. You can’t go wrong with the buffalo wings – it’s practically the official food of football fans in all 50 states. One reviewer said, “I made these wings for Super Bowl; they were gone in five minutes and super-easy to make! Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing.”

(Slow Cooker Beef Tacos / Photo Credit: Brian Woodcock)

Slow Cooker Beef Tacos also takes 4-5 hours on high setting. After it’s set, you can make some fresh pico de gallo to go with it. Talk about high efficiency rating!

Smack Talk-oh!

Yes, we’re giving you two more taco recipes here because who doesn’t like tacos? And because these are so easy to make that someone would throw a yellow flag if we didn’t tell you about them. Also, fish options are a healthier choice for non-meat-eaters. (Yes, non-meat-eating football fans do exist.)

 (Alton Brown Fish Taco / Photo Credit: AltonBrown.com)

Alton Brown’s fish taco recipe using tilapia is great if you like the crunchy texture of fried fish, plus the marinade packed with flavor! The crema adds a little more time for a lot more enjoyment so resist the urge to leave it off your prep list. This fish taco recipe from Delish can be done in 35 minutes!


Ball Out

These two easy-to-eat are definite favorites for a game-watching party, and they also happen to be yummy in your tummy.

(Ham-Cheddar Cheese Ball / Photo credit: Taste of Home)

No cheese heads in this Super Bowl, but there should be at least one Ham-Cheddar Cheese Ball. Just look at it — self-explanatory and sells itself.

Mini Meatball Heroes… Those three words say it all. Anything mini is easy to eat. Meatballs, come on, man! We all love heroes.

Veg Out

If the last two playoff games that went into overtime are any indication, then Super Bowl LIII should be a good matchup this year and there should be no reason anyone watching will veg out during the game. But offering veggie options, however, makes you a good host.

If you’re not superstitious, you won’t mind the word choke in the Artichoke Caprese.

(Artichoke Caprese / Photo credit: Taste of Home)

And if you are, you’ll forgive us because the marinated artichoke is what gives this otherwise standard Caprese a flavorful boost and ups your healthy food game.

The Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Nachos takes a little more cook time than some of the other recipes, but totally worth it. The roasted sweet potatoes slices are tender on the inside and have a caramelized and crispy outside that make them a wonderful substitute for nachos.

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