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10 Tips for Preparing a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Even in the most comfortable circumstances (for example, staying over at your aunt’s house), it can be challenging to sleep away from home. You know that, so when you have houseguests, you want to help them feel as comfortable as possible. If your guests are staying overnight, make the guest bedroom as warm and welcoming as you can.

  1. Rethink Guest Bedroom Design

Guest bedrooms tend to suffer from one of two problems. They are too stiff and formal, or they become a graveyard for unwanted furniture and bedding. Neither of these things contributes to a welcoming guest bedroom. Keep this in mind as you incorporate changes into your bedroom decor.

  1. Keep It Simple

Your guest room isn’t the best place for personal expression. Decorate according to your taste but keep things simple. Don’t overwhelm the space with knick-knacks, artwork, or complicated color palettes. These things may look nice, but they also remind guests that they are not in familiar surroundings.

  1. Add a Comfortable Place to Sit

Your guests will appreciate having a quiet place to retreat if they want to surf the internet, watch TV, or just relax. Add a desk with a nice chair or a comfortable sofa. This will let them use the room for more than just sleep.

  1. Give Them Some Storage Space

Take some time to clear out the guest bedroom closet before your loved ones arrive. They will feel much more welcome if they can unpack their belongings. If you can’t clear stuff in time, provide a small dresser or wardrobe.

  1. Place a Fan in the Room

Something as simple as a fan can be a real blessing. Many people tend to get overheated at night. Even better, the fan can create white noise to block out unfamiliar sounds.

  1. Use Comfortable Bedding

Choose a bedding set that is soft, comfortable, and appropriate for the season. Then, supply an extra blanket or two in case someone gets chilly. You might also provide a fresh set of sheets, so your guests can change them in the event of a mishap.

  1. Be Careful with Scents

Don’t overwhelm your guest bedroom or your guests with air freshener sprays, candles, or other scented items. These can be a bit much, especially in a small, enclosed space like a guest bedroom. Instead, leave a mister with a subtle scent that they can use as they wish.

  1. Make It Tech-Friendly

There’s no need to turn a guest bedroom into a home entertainment center, but you can make it a bit tech-friendly for your guests. Start by posting the Wi-Fi password in an easy-to-see location. It isn’t necessary to add a small TV, but it’s certainly a welcome bonus. Add a universal charging port, and your guests will love you.

  1. Leave a Basket of Toiletries

Don’t leave your guests hanging if they leave personal care items at home. Fill a basket with soaps, shampoo, travel-size deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, and hygiene items.

  1. One Last Step

Make your guests feel welcome with a simple gift, such as a bottle of wine from a local winery or some fresh flowers. Little details like this can go a long way towards making them feel like welcome guests rather than an intrusion.