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‘Fall into Bed’ with these autumn-inspired bedroom refresh ideas

As the summer winds down and nights become cooler in anticipation of autumn, it’s time to consider swapping out your hot weather bedding for something warmer and cozier to help you get good sleep.

Getting your bed ready for the upcoming seasonal changes means you never have to worry about that odd night when winter makes a brief appearance, and you wind up having to go searching for more blankets at 2 a.m.

Check out these easy tips to avoid that problem and sleep as cozy as possible throughout the crisper months of the year.

Swap Out Your Comforter

You’ve probably been using a thinner, lighter comforter throughout the summer in order to keep cool. Now that temperatures are declining, you will want to grab a heavier comforter instead.

Sometimes the coziest you’ll ever be in your bed is when the night is crisp, and you’re snug and warm beneath your fall comforter. Just make sure you’re really past the hot weather before making this swap, or you may wind up regretting it one night when temperatures aren’t so low, and your bed suddenly becomes an oven.

Add Some Layers

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to swap in that heavier, warmer comforter, you can always add some layers such as a flat sheet, a coverlet, an extra blanket, or even all three.

With these added to your sleeping arrangements, you’ll have the option to add or remove layers depending on the temperature that night, which is useful during the finicky transitional period between summer and fall.

Warmer Bedding

You don’t just want a thicker comforter or more layers; you also want to incorporate some more chilly weather-friendly materials into your bedding.

Flannel sheets are a great fall bedding option for both the cozy and the warm factors, and you can also get the same effect from some lovely linen bedding. If you don’t like adding a ton of layers to your bedding, then opting for materials like these may be your best bet.

Think Fall Colors

It’s not all about making sure you’re warm enough as the temperatures drop. You’ll also want to swap out those light summer tones for something more autumnal — if only for the fact that it’s a lot of fun to change your bedding aesthetic along with the seasons.

Earthy reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and some added autumnal textures and patterns can bring a vibrant sense of the season to your bedroom.

You can also swap out your decorative cushions or throw blankets to bring a more fall-friendly aesthetic to your bedroom. Consider items that are darker, heavier, and more textured.

And don’t forget that spicing up the rest of the room with some autumn appeal can add to the overall ambiance. Fall scented candles, throw blankets for chairs, and various autumnal bedroom decor are all great additions.