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Storybook Dreams

How bedtime reading sets the stage for children’s peaceful slumber.

As most seasoned parents know, and new parents quickly discover, a child’s sleep schedule will hugely impact both their health and emotional balance.  In addition, the amount of sleep your child gets also directly impacts your own wellbeing. Just like adults, children need a routine to follow to help their bodies wind down for the night and signal to their brain that it is time for rest. Grabbing a favorite nursery rhyme collection or relaxing bedtime story may just be the key to a peaceful household for everyone.

 Language adventures

Sharing bedtime stories with children is proven to aid in language development and vocabulary expansion. You may want to regularly introduce your children to new books so that they can understand the patterns of language and be exposed to new words they may not have heard before.

Repetition also helps to reinforce the patterns of language and strengthen retention skills, so don’t be surprised when you hear your child quoting a line or two from a favorite fairy tale you’ve read to them a thousand times. Just remember that exposure to books at an early age can cultivate a lifelong interest in literature and learning.

Slumber serenity

Consider the way reading a book can help remove the day's stress and lower your own cortisol levels. In the same way, bedtime stories can serve as a calming routine for children, signaling the end of the day and helping soothe them into peaceful slumber. The predictability of this routine reminds their body clock that it is time for rest.

A book before bed establishes a calm atmosphere allowing your child to shift their focus from the excitement or anxieties they may be feeling. Pair the bedtime story with a gentle lullaby playing in the background and you’ve created the perfect combination for helping your child drift off seamlessly.

Imagination station

There’s nothing quite like the power of a child's imagination. Reading books helps stimulate the creative side of their brains, but as they grow older you may also want to begin engaging in storytelling with them. Encouraging kids to make up their own stories will inspire them to think outside the box. You may be amazed by the capacity of their imagination and the characters, settings, and plots they come up with. Practicing storytelling with positive themes and peaceful visualization can also impact the quality of sleep that kids are getting by giving them better dreams and fewer nightmares.

Snuggle tale connections

One of the most important aspects of reading bedtime stories with your kids is that it fosters a strong emotional bond between you and your child. Reading together creates a sense of closeness and provides a safe and comforting environment for the child. It also creates a space for interaction, conversation, and shared emotions as you explore the story together.